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David James is a business owner, graphic communications professional, author and designer with more than a decade of experience in building brand awareness. The owner of Mokojumbie Design, David worked in corporate and non-profit arenas before opening his own boutique design firm in 2013. Mokojumbie Design specializes in website design, product and image branding, collateral design and printing as well as a range of marketing services.

Mokojumbie Design has a proven track record of helping small business and non-profit organizations realize their graphic communications and marketing goals. Clients include Essex County College, Lincoln Park Music Festival, New Jersey Department of Community Affairs, Urban League of Hudson County, Jersey City Pediatric Dentistry, and FEMWORKS, Llc. David James has degrees in Engineering and Mathematics as well an Art – Graphic Design degree from Rutgers University and an MA in Graphic Communications Technology Management from Kean University.

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So, who/what/why is a “mokojumbie” anyway?

(as taken from Wikipedia)

A moko jumbie (also known as “moko jumbi” or “mocko jumbie”) is a stilts walker or dancer. The origin of the term may come from “Moko” (a possible reference to an African god) and “jumbi“, a West Indian term for a ghost or spirit that may have been derived from the Kongo language word zumbi. The Moko Jumbies are thought to originate from West African tradition brought to the Caribbean.

A Moko Jumbie character may wear colorful garb and carnival masks. They also frequent festivals and celebrations such as Trinidad and Tobago Carnival.

While the god Moko is from the Kongo (or Congo) and Nigeria, from the Nuapa people, Trinidad and Tobago has added their own touch to him. Moko, in the traditional sense, is a god. He watches over his village, and due to his towering height, he is able to foresee danger and evil. His name, Moko, literally means the “diviner” and he would be represented by men on towering stilts and performs acts that were unexplainable to the human eye.