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Welcome to Mokojumbie Design, a boutique, Newark New Jersey-based graphic communications company that puts the client first.

We specialize in making your businesses look larger than they are.


With affordable rates and uncompromising customer service, you really can have it all. Design is not only for the well-heeled. Small businesses need great design even more than the big guys.


There’s no excuse to be bland, in the background, or off to the side. Dull, lifeless, and muted is out. Color is where it’s at. Including black. Black is always beautiful.


Mokojumbie Design strives to give you something you haven’t seen before. Your design will reflect the uniqueness of your company and your brand.

Have a communication problem? Here are my skills that will help me help you.

  • Business Identity and Branding
  • Book Covers and Illustrations
  • Print Design
  • Website design and maintenance
  • Copywriting services
  • Email campaign marketing and Design
  • “How do I get my message across?
  • Too many customers are leaving my website without purchasing anything. Why?
  • How can I give my customers the services they require?”

Those are just some of the questions you might struggle with as a business owner; and I can help to provide the answers.

My clients include…