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Bethany Baptist Church

Bethany Baptist Church has been a Newark institution nearly 150 years, from its humble beginnings  in 1887 when it was located at Commerce Street, to present day, where its iconic steeple is a landmark of Newark’s central ward.

To celebrate the Church’s landmark 145th homecoming celebration, which came on the heels of the installation of its thirteenth pastor, the church had a month long series of events, culminating in a Banquet for the congregation.

I was tasked in creating marketing materials informing the congregation and community at large of Bethany’s celebration. This included tickets for the banquet, three large outdoor banners, a standing banner inside the church, and a flyer listing the church sponsored events.

Bethany Baptist Church’s iconic steeple

Because I was in control of such a wide cross section of the marketing material, I was able to dictate a look and feel that permeated through all aspects of the design. I wanted to pay tribute to the architecture of the Bethany Church structure.

Problem: Time crunch 

Solution: Developed a filing system for incoming ads. I was also able to work closely with Nicole to get things done quickly 

While the 145th homecoming celebration was the most extensive project I’ve collaborated with the church, it is not the only thing. Show below are some other materials I’ve designed for the church. These include a 66-page Member Directory, and various print flyers.