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Jersey City Pediatric Dentistry

Doing it and doing it and doing it well

How do  you work with a client through multiple design projects through the course of years? How do you create fresh new content that also looks cohesive with already existing material? With a solid branding system. And while strict adherence to the specifics  of a brand is important; stepping out of those boundaries on occasion might be warranted. 

When I was first tasked with working with Jersey City Pediatric Dentistry, they already had a logo and website; if not a particularly comprehensive branding strategy. I had a fairly wide berth as to design, once it fit into their already established aesthetic.  

 Challenges: Keeping the designs fresh over multiple years, but staying true to the original vision and branding.

Beyond the logo, the client wanted to make sure that all the materials had a particular feel throughout all campaigns and advertising. That was accomplished through great images (so many smiling kids!),  strong, vibrant colors that didn’t necessarily scream “juvenile” and consistent typography. 

 The design and materials would go through a yearly refresh, putting a fresh coat Of design on the materials, while not going in a totally new direction.  

 The office prides itself as being an integral part of the local Jersey City Grove Street community.  

Jersey City Pediatric Dentistry Logo

The PATH ads

A major component of the dentist’s campaign is the yearly Path station signage.
That design is the linchpin to the look and feel of all the other marketing materials produced for that year.

Print Content

Here you can see the versatility of the designs, as they are being used as a component in full page print ads.

Web Content

The Dentist also produces an online article for a trade website multiple times a year. I established a design system that while staying flexible for different topics, also worked with the JCPD branding while still being its own thing.