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Shop Newark: Eat Play Stay

Designed by Newark

It all started with a request from the client to create a logo and general branding for a new initiative called Eat Play Stay Newark.  This program was modeled after a successful New Jersey program designed to induce local spending, while giving residents saving, and some property tax relief.

The Preliminary Work


Before the launch of the website and creation of the logo, I was tasked with making a series of flyers inviting local businesses to attend preliminary meetings where they would learn about the program. Although the materials were created before actual branding was done, color choices and the feel of the program were already being utilized, albeit in a raw form.

The Logo

The rebate program has been a success in multiple small towns throughout the state, each with their particular name, look and feel. The design brief gave lots of leeway with the design, but had to include the tagline “Eat Play Stay” (which ultimately became the website’s URL).

The logomark takes its inspiration from vintage “Greetings from…”  postcards, with each letter showing some aspect of the type of businesses the program was looking to target

The final version of the Shop Newark Logo

These vintage Holiday postcards was a big inspiration for the final look of the logo

Initial rounds of logo designs

The Website

 In the initial conversations, it was expressed that all that was needed was a landing page. The program was to be launched soon, and the parent company’s website would have done all the heavy informational lifting. which was quickly created. However, the program had to entice two distinct groups; Newark residents, commuters, and renters, and local businesses.

A landing page could not satisfy the demand.

The scope of the website quickly expanded, from a page for consumers to apply for a Shop Newark Card, to a mini site for both merchant and consumer signups, to a full blown website with a blog, a map showing participating businesses, and multiple FAQs.

Initial webpage. You can see that it already more detailed than a landing page (menu; more than one call to action)

Everything else

 From flags to cards to brochures, flyers and posters, this truly was a comprehensive (and continuing) campaign. The client didn’t have to worry because of the foundational work we did, created a strong base on which to build an entire system  of marketing materials